Картечен пистолет „CZ“ZK-383. калибър 9х19

Тегло 425 kg






Код: kartechen-pistolet-cz-zk-383-kalibar-9h19 Категории: , Етикет:

The ZK-383 is a submachine gun and was developed by the Koucký brothers who worked at the pre-war Československá zbrojovka. akc.spol. (under its name of Zbrojovka Brno after World War II) arms factory in Brno Czechoslovakia. It was produced at a slow rate from 1938 onwards and was exported as far as South America; to Bolivia .

The ZK-383 was exported to many smaller European countries following its production start date in 1938. The production of the ZK-383 continued at Brno arms factory even during the German occupation during World War II. Most of the guns produced were supplied to the Waffen-SS. It continued to be produced in small numbers in the postwar period; Bulgariacontinued importing it right up until 1970. 4 years after production finished. The ZK-383 was slowly phased out by smaller and lighter submachine guns such as the Škorpion vz. 61 and Sa vz. 23